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M|M Forum debates the impact of life-like systems on our futures, and whether we can

  • co-evolve effective collaborative networks of computers and humans to converge toward “significant singularity,” not as “computers surpassing human intelligence,” but as self-organizing ecosystems of computers and humans, co-evolving toward more effective intelligence.
  • develop collaborative problem-solving systems for hard problems, from smart cities to learning, from health to water and ecosystems, problems requiring cross-disciplinary expertise, resolution of conflicting interpretations, data fusion and visualization.

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From Ant Colonies as Distributed, Multi-Agent Systems to Biology’s Second Law, from First Life to Learning from Bacteria about Social Networks we explore how micro and macro scale inform each other. From Life before genetics: autogenesis, information and the outer solar system to the Life of Super-Earths: How the Hunt for Alien Worlds and Artificial Cells will Revolutionize Life on our Planet, we seek parallel principles across diverse scales and systems.

Climate Change is the ultimate example of change happening at every level across interdependent systems, from Mammalian Response to Glacial Evidence of Climate Change to the Mineralogical Co-Evolution of the Geo- and Biosphere. The Microbes Mind Forum examines how we think about hard problems, as exemplified in the logical argument of the Rare Earth: Hypothesis, although scientists now question or disagree with the original hypothesis based on improved technology that allows us to look further for habitable stars systems in the universe. Finally, we seek valuable lessons for computing and artificial systems based on examining natural ecosystems.